Bibox Labs brings technology, creative content and delivery mechanisms together, to realize students’ ideas into actions. Based on the 21st Century Learning Methodology the lab has an all-inclusive approach towards promoting Design Thinking and Challenge –based Learning as the pillars of modern education! It nurtures and delivers practical exposure and sustained excitement in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math’s(STEAM) .Powered by the innovative Bibox platform, the lab works on the principles of design thinking and challenge based learning! Trained mentors conduct these regular sessions at schools. To currently address the bigger picture, many of the setbacks impacting our society are effectively tackled by three main fields – DESIGN, TECHNOLOGY and ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Therefore it’s only practical that every student in Bibox Labs is molded upon these very pillars! Each student is trained to be design thinking, technology wielding visionary who has the insight to change reality around him. They’re periodically assessed for their Creative, Collaborative, Communicative and Critical Thinking abilities, summed up as the ‘Innovation Quotient’! This constant process of evaluating a problem, brainstorming ideas, applying core concepts, creating a logic flow through Bisoft (our proprietary software) and finally executing it, molds a student to be Real-World-Ready Problem Solvers. By the time a student is finished with familiarizing and applying our principles, he/she can ideate, create and sell a future that’s worth believing in!