The School of the Good Shepherd is managed by the Good Shepherd Educational Trust, founded in 2004 by a group of eminent personalities committed to the cause of good education. The school spreads over 5.75 acres of land. The school, situated near Akkulam Lake has an attractive building constructed as per vaastu science, equipped with all requisite modern facilities. The school provides a safe, stable and congenial equipped atmosphere for the students to learn and grow. This is achieved mainly by the infrastructure support provided and the co-operation and dedication of the support staff.

Physics, Chemistry & Biology Labs

The School has set up three independent spacious laboratories for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
The laboratories are equipped with the most modern instruments suitable for the science students of classes XI and XII.

ICT Lab and Mathematics Lab

The school has two Computer Science labs with a provision for eighty students at a time. Children from class one are given sufficient number of periods to work in these labs. Mathematics Lab provides hands on experience especially for the slow learners.

Atal Tinkering Lab

Atal Tinkering Lab at our school is well equipped with various sensors, components, open source microcontroller boards like Arduino UNO, Arduino Nano,Raspberry pi etc. for electronics development, robotics and Internet of Things. 3D printer, mechanical tools, soldering station, carpentry workstation etc. help our students to convert their ideas into reality.


The school has a spacious, stylishly furnished library which can accommodate more than hundred students at a time. It has nearly ten thousand books on various subjects, variety of standard periodicals and educational CDs. The well stacked reference section houses encyclopaedias, dictionaries and books on almost all topics required for a student upto senior secondary  level. In addition, it contains study materials for children preparing for various entrance examinations. Students from classes I to  XII are members of the library.

Hybrid Classroom

The hybrid classrooms are another facility at our school. Hybrid learning can improve the flexibility and customization of classes, the accessibility of learning and the use of tools during courses. This experience facilitates an all-round better teaching and learning environment for educators and students. Lessons and animated pictures accompanied by audio are presented to our students in our technology enhanced classrooms, which makes teaching and learning exciting and easy.

Art & Craft Room

The school has a spacious “Art & Craft room” where creativity of students is nurtured. Paper flower arrangement, water colour, acrylic, glass painting, soft toy making, thread work, paper craft, clay craft waste material craft and the list is endless. The students are trained under professionals and one can pursue any hobby lifelong.


The school has an infirmary for students in case of any emergency. Minor ailments and medical problems of the students are attended by qualified nurse at a well equipped first aid room which functions throughout the day. Besides this their health and fitness is annually checked by medical experts.

Multipurpose Hall

We have three Halls equipped with technology for the multipurpose usage of Annual Board Meeting, Parent/Teacher/Student Orientation, Assembly and lectures by resource persons.

Play Grounds

SGS has playgrounds for the tiny tots, a Basketball court, Handball court, Mini Football ground, Table Tennis hall, Badminton court used by the students to hone their skills. Professional coaches train students to excel in sports/games of their choice.

Potable Water

A Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant is operational in the school and ensures uninterrupted supply of clean drinking water on all the floors.


Majority of students travel by school buses. The school provides facility of thirty school buses. But this facility can be withdrawn if students do not co-operate in smooth commutation through undisciplined behavior in the bus.