The School of The Good Shepherd ensures inclusive and equitable quality education and promote life -long learning. For us, education is not simply a content delivery system; rather it is a system designed to help all our students reach their full potential and enter the society as full and productive citizens.

We are keen at providing the finest facilities for our students which include Digital Classrooms, Atal Tinkering Lab, Mathematics, Science and Computer labs, well stacked library, Play Grounds, Basketball court etc. for enhancing the educational standards of our students. The School Of The Good Shepherd is blessed to have highly competent teaching faculty to guide the young generation to be the best citizens of tomorrow through child centered education. The presence of gifted special teachers provide ample opportunity for the students to refine their skills and talents. We believe that quality education is supported by 3 Key pillars ensuring access to quality teachers, providing use of quality learning tools and professional development and the establishment of safe and supportive quality learning environment. Our aspirations for a productive group of learners is made feasible with immense possibilities and facilities. When guided with proper care in our learning environment, aspirations of each learner would be progressive.