Instructions For Campus Wallet Recharge

Dear Parent,

The School of Good Shepherd brings you another novel concept to all its students in the campus-Campus Wallet. In the recent developments , while the nation is marching towards a cashless economy , it is very important that we train our children as well .

While hard cash is not available or reduced , the economy will resort to plastic and electronic money . we intend to adopt this system right away and train our children at the school level. Also recently we have been seeing a lot in the news that how our children misuse money which are given to them for spending for the right reasons like drugs , alcohol etc . As per , 55000 children are getting addicted to these habits every day .

Keeping this in mind, we are proud to introduce this concept in our campus. This card will ONLY be accepted in the outlets in the campus – whether it is food or fees or stationery or books at the store.

Every children can avail this facility from the school and can be recharged from time to time.

Parents can recharge this card in 2 ways.

  • Parents can recharge the card online through the school Website using credit card/Debit Card/Internet bankings
    • Login to the school website
    • Click on the Campus Wallet Recharge Icon
    • Enter your Kid’s admission number
    • Your Kid’s name will be confirmed
    • Enter the recharge amout click pay now button
    • Select your preffered banking method and transefer the amount
  • And the easiest form of recharge, Parents can download the mobile app “Campus Wallet “ from Google Play store or app store, Recharge your kids card using credit card/Debit card/Internet banking. Demonstation video availble at the Play store/App Store

Click the below link to continue your Recharge

This system makes sure that our children uses the money only in these outlets inside the campus and do not misuse or lose the cash, And you are getting alerts on each transactions. The app o ers a lot more features like , fee payment , calendar, time table , results , leave request etc… Inviting all of you to join this path breaking technology that we are introducing in our campus.

With best regards,